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Kathleen Siegel, LMT

Welcome to NEW LEAF Pain Relief. BOWENWORK is a unique form of massage therapy. This hands-on therapeutic approach helps the body to access its inherent ability to right itself. It is effective for relieving pain and improving whole body health. BOWEN "moves" gently stimulate nerve receptors in muscles, tendons and ligaments, which facilitates the nervous system to move naturally into rest and repair mode.

This process enables the internal release of tension patterns, resetting the body as a whole including cells, organs, connective tissues, and fluids, etc. As a result, inflammation and pain are reduced or eliminated, range of motion is improved or normalized, detoxification and deep relaxation and improved sleep results. BOWENWORK supports the built in design of the body to find balance on all levels.

BOWENWORK assists in bringing relief and recovery to over 200 conditions. It is appropriate for all ages, from infants to the elderly, the infirm and frail, as well as the conditioned athlete who wants to improve performance and faster recovery from injuries.

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Migraines & TMJ

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Back & Sciatic Pain

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Carpal Tunnel & Arms

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Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Kathleen Siegel is a Licensed Massage Therapist with 30 years experience in the field of bodywork and her passion has always been to provide the natural approach of various types of manual therapy to relieve pain, restore balance, and improve quality of life. She is a Certified BOWENWORK Practitioner with the BOWENWORK Academy USA since 2008.

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