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Jolene's Story - Age 60:
I was diagnosed with Poly-Myalgia Rheumatica a year ago, which is like having Rheumatoid Arthritis in my upper back muscles. The pain was constant day and night with no relief. I took pain pills like they were candy. An MRI and blood work showed the inflammation in my body was sky-high. Even with Physical Therapy and a month of taking 20 mg. of Prednisone, I was becoming a "raging lunatic" and taking it out on my terrific husband. So, my Doctor tapered me off the Prednisone and I quit my job because I just couldn't work anymore.

I pursued receiving acupuncture treatments along with Physical Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage, but the relief was only temporary. The pain would return and I thought I would have to live with this being my "new normal". My condition continued to worsen and I couldn't even walk across a parking lot without my chest tightening and being out of breath. Nine months later I heard about Kathleen Siegel, a Bowenwork Practitioner and LMT. I was so sick and tired of being in pain I made an appointment. The night after my first Bowen Session with her, all the pain in my shoulder left. I was amazed! Along with the hands-on bodywork to address my condition, she also recommended I look into herbal support for detoxification of the inflammation in my body, which was causing so much pain in my muscles and difficulty breathing with very little exertion.

A week later I began the detox through directionH at SuperSmartFoods here in Grants Pass, after consulting with the founders Dr.Thomas and Pamala Wilson (Chiropractor and chemist/supplement formulator, and nutritionist). The combination of receiving Bowenwork from Kathleen and taking the SuperSMARTFoods� Herbal Formulas has made it possible for me to be pain free, and feel more mobility in my body. I�ve lost 16 pounds and breathe easier when walking. Back pain and spasms are completely gone, and my husband says, �Its nice to have my wife back�!

Bowenwork and DirectionH saved my life and health and I recommend them highly.

Carmen's Story:
An 88 year old client came in for help with back, hip and shoulder pain due to a fall she had taken a few weeks before. She had to curtail her normal active life (walking, ballroom dancing every Tuesday night with her husband, standing in the kitchen to cook meals, and going to church). It was keeping her awake at night and dragging her down.

During the week after her first session the pain began to back off and she was able to sleep at night for 5 hours without pain. She also slowly began adding back into her daily life the activities she loves. By the end of the third session she was sleeping through the night without pain and was back in the swing of life as usual!
Beth's Story:
"I came to NEW LEAF Pain Relief for help with the aftermath of a double mastectomy involving 2 surgeries,
which had created a lot of internal scar tissue. This impinged on my chest and shoulder muscles, making normal range of motion and function in my right shoulder very painful and limited."

"After a few BOWEN treatments I was amazed at the huge pain reduction and an increase in movement without pain. I also felt less anxious and more balanced emotionally. After my forth session I was able to golf 18 holes and my shoulders and forearms were just a little sore the next day. To aid in the healing process, I was given exercises to do at home. All of this combined with with the warmth and com- passion I experienced truly made a big difference in my recovery. I am sure glad I gave it a try."

Bill B:
Bill came in recently for some help with relief for low back pain, but received more benefits than he had imagined were possible. "I began my Bowenwork treatments several months ago. I was originally looking for pain relief in the low back, neck and my left shoulder, which I had injured last year. I was diagnosed as being diabetic and have been managing it with exercise and diet for 7 years. To my surprise, not only did my weekly Bowen therapy cause my fasting blood sugar to come down to where it is now normal, but I can even "fudge" on my diet now and then. Not only that, but my energy level has increased, the pain in all of the areas I was concerned about is gone and the tinnitus (ringing in the ears) in the right ear is also gone, and in the left ear its barely audible (after the last 2 treatments)."

"Bowen therapy is the best investment I have have ever made in my health and has produced the most results of any one thing I have ever done to improve my health using a natural approach."

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Kathleen Siegel is a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Certified BOWENWORK Practitioner with the BOWENWORK Academy USA since 2008.

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