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On Chronic Disease and Pain, Inflammation, and the Need for Detoxifying

The scales have tipped in our country regarding health and well being. Chronic disease and pain are epidemic, not to mention the trillions of dollars being spent treating the serious health issues plaguing our nation. I believe that it is possible to recover a huge measure of good health, energy and relief from chronic conditions. There are many things, as we all know, that can hinder and thwart our quality of our health, relationships, finances, peace, and joy, etc. My passion is to address an area of our life experience that we do have control over, which involves the lifestyle decisions we make. I want to start by focusing on the state of our physical bodies, health and well-being. Is ill-health caused by creation or coincidence? Is our level of health and dysfunction an outcome of choices we've made over time? Our beliefs inform and determine the choices we make. Maybe its time to re-evaluate what we believe about what we can change to improve our health.

The statistics in our nation are quite revealing in their message to us about the standard American diet and lifestyle while living in an environment loaded with toxic chemicals . . . here are the results of what it has been producing:

91% of the population is dying earlier of unnatural deaths
9% are dying of accidents or suicide

Of the 91% here is the breakdown of causes due to chronic diseases in the US:
90% have overweight body composition
85% will die of cancer, cardiovascular disease, blood sugar issues
70% of the population are on at least one prescription drug
60% adults have Blood Sugar Dyscrasia (abnormality of some kind)
43% adults will die of Cardiovascular Disease
$3 trillion is spent in the 60+ population every year on non-communicable diseases

Medical science has proven for a long time that chronic inflammation and oxidative stress are the causes of disease and cancer, aging and early death, as well as allergies, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, etc. 90% of doctor visits are stress driven which means 91% of the population is having a hard time managing the inflammation causing pain and dysfunction.
But inflammation is just a symptom of the problem. And there is something we can do about it!

When our energy pathways become congested (due to sluggish bowels, lack of quality and quantity of sleep, poor nutrition, exposure to chemicals, toxic build-up, etc,) our tendency is to crave a diet high in carbohydrates for energy. Cravings for stimulants and sugars rule our lives as though we have no control, and slowly we continue to gain weight. The effect of synthetic chemicals in our water and food supply, and poor dietary habits over the course of many years can create depression and anxiety, as they are stored in the fat cells. They are endocrine disrupting chemicals which are a factor in obesity and diabetes, which makes it even harder to manage cravings and lose weight in a healthy way. Weight gain in our nation is the single greatest predictor of future disease. It has been proven that a high carbohydrate diet causes us to lose control of our cravings and habits which affects brain function and IQ. It starts early in our lives. School children who are constantly rewarded in the classroom with m&m's and other such candy for good performance or behavior are actually being undermined by the educational system that is supposed to be teaching them and requiring their brains to function and learn!

So, with all of that said, what can we do about it? In one sense it is the best of times because there is so much opportunity and information available at our fingertips, and yet it is the worst of times because as we advance technologically in our culture we are not getting healthier, but sicker.

These alarming statistics require us to make some adaptations in order to advance our health in the times we live in. New solutions are required to strengthen and support the basic biological design and function of our bodies. These solutions need first to deal with the toxic load that is making us sick, and restore the normal rhythms and timings of the body in harmony with our foundational needs. How our bodies are designed to function healthfully requires certain parameters to be met.

If we lose our ability to adapt within the margins needed for health, we will do just that - experience a loss of function and health and for many it will be too late. There is a point of no return. But for those who are willing to do something different and make lifestyle changes toward regaining their quality of life, the spectacular life, then the sky is the limit. As Dr. Thomas Wilson, DC says, "If the body is given the right tools, it can perform miraculous feats".

So, here are some takeaways . . .
There are 3 constants in life:
1 Change - is inevitable
2 Choice - involves my participation
3 Principles - based on the design of life,
(which is predictable, reliable, consistent and reproducible)
I can choose to engage the process of turning things around and working with the natural design of my body
I am physiologically made from what I eat
My body hosts my spirit, mind and emotions
I can choose to be good to myself and proactively take care of my health
Body Basics: I can choose to feed my body to support life and health
I can rest my body so it can repair and detoxify at night
It's my choice - the outcomes will be automatic
There is no magic bullet - I can't fix lifestyle choices with a pill.
There is a natural, effective answer to returning to better health and function!
The need for detoxifying the body is essential, and for many it is critical, as has been shown by the previous statistics listed above. When we've lived outside the margins of good dietary, and other lifestyle choices over time, we experience inflammation, pain and dysfunction. We become toxic and congested when we get away from the Design of Life. But there is hope in restoring health, wellness, energy, restful sleep, weight loss, balanced blood sugar, and quality of life. To meet the demand for high quality micro and macro nutrition in the modern era we live in, directionH / SuperSMARTFoods was created.

This Grants Pass based company has formulated all natural, whole food/herbal solutions to deal with this epidemic of chronic disease and pain, the cause of which is mostly inflammatory states and imbalances in the body. This detoxification program addresses all of the above as well as working with the hierarchal needs of the body for survival and health by gently supporting the vital organs - namely the brain, heart, kidneys and liver. Founded by Dr. Thomas, DC and Pamala Wilson, directionH has helped thousands return to health, wellness, achieving and maintaining their happy size/weight, and quality of life.

Dr. Wilson is a highly experienced and accomplished Chiropractor, Chemist, Product Formulator and Educator. He has over 40 years of professional involvement in the following areas:
Participation in directing clinical assessments of over 189 different nutritional supplements,
Formulated over 178 herbal supplements
Created 17 nutrient-complex meal replacements
Designed a biologically safe and economical food-growing system, a survival food system, a planet-friendly fertilizing system, a natural infant's formula and an animal health management system

He has counseled of 400,000 patients on nutrition and lifestyle and has performed over 1.3 adjustments. Dr. Wilson received his pre-doctorate education (as a chemistry major) at the University of California at Berkeley, and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and earned his doctorate from Western States Chiropractic College. He and his wife Pamala founded the nonprofit ANGELtrition Institute to create a road map for workable solutions to the nutritional epidemics of the modern era.

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* The above information is taken from notes taken at a seminar given by Dr. Thomas Wilson in November 2016

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