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Are you plagued by musculoskeletal issues?

You may have been born with a common condition 80% of the population suffers with. Its located in your feet, and the good news is, it�s simple to correct - without surgery, injections or expensive orthotics. It�s easy to spot and takes about 15 minutes to address. If you have ongoing aches and pains in your feet, joints and muscles you will want to read further.

Take a look a your feet for a minute. If you have Morton�s Foot Syndrome you can tell by noting that the first webspace between your big toe and the 2nd toe is deeper than the others. This means that the bone (the 1st metatarsal, which is also the strongest bone in the foot) is too short relative to the one next to it, the 2nd metatarsal. In addition to being short, the 1st metatarsal is often also elevated, and therefore doesn't do its share of bearing the weight of your body. This is a problem for your whole body. It affects the entire kinetic chain - impacting all the muscles and joints from the feet up to the jaw. Both of these problems lead to serious postural issues and can be a factor in causing chronic pain.

Poor posture may cost you more than just not feeling good - it�s vital to good health and longevity. Here�s why:

� When your body is in proper alignment and you have this condition, you are not weight bearing on the inside of your feet. Your first metatarsals and the big toes are not on the ground supporting your body. Check out for a self test.
� Your 1st metatarsals try to support your body, but in order to get to the ground, your arches fall and the ankles tilt inward (pronation). Right away you are unstable and prone to weakness and injuries to the ankles as well as other areas of the body.
� Some people unconsciously try to compensate by walking on the outside of their feet (supinating). They usually have sore calf muscles and all their muscles become tight because they are bracing against ankle and postural instability.
� Both these situations lead to serious posture problems. One leg becomes functionally short so your hips and shoulders become un-level. The hips rotate forward so our posture becomes forward leaning. Extra torque in your knees and hips cause joint wear and tear that ultimately lead to premature osteoarthritis.
� These postural imbalances cause your muscles to work over-time just for you to stand up and walk. Over tired muscles become tender and spasm easily, causing cramps, loss of mobility and pain.
� When engaged in heavy physical work or athletic activity, damage and pain may accelerate unless corrected.

In addition to poor posture, Morton�s Foot syndrome contributes to the following:

� Mental & physical fatigue from pain & discomfort.
� Tight IT bands.
� Headaches & TMJ pain.
� Leg cramps & fatigue.
� Shoulder & neck pain.
� Shin splints.
� Reduced lung capacity.
� Internally rotated legs (knock knees).
� Low back & SI joint pain.
� Unstable falling arches.
� Knee & hip pain.
� Plantar fasciitis & Hammer toes.
� Morton�s Neuroma & Metatarsalgia.

The Quick, Easy, Affordable Solution to Morton�s Foot Syndrome

I am on a mission to help as many people as I can live healthier, happier, more active, pain free lives and ProKinetics� Insoles are a natural solution to Morton�s Foot Syndrome. Posture Dynamics� has created this product to address this problem 80% of the population would benefit from, which no orthotic, arch support or heel cup addresses. ProKinetics� Insoles are an effective means of improving posture, body mechanics, balance, agility, power and endurance in daily activities, walking, standing, tennis, running, skiing, biking, working out at the gym, and athletic performance.

Here�s How: A carefully placed and dimensioned wedge under your 1st metatarsals and big toes creates a neuromuscular response and changes your body mechanics and posture. It acts as a timing device which activates the muscles that will bring your 1st metatarsal to the ground to stabilize and balance your feet, ankles and the rest of your body. Proprioception is set right and your brain�s ability to help you with movement, balance, and grounding is immensely improved.

Where Do You Get These Insoles?

The are now available at NEW LEAF Pain Relief!! An initial consultation is free to determine if you have Morton�s Foot Syndrome and to answer any questions you may have. From there we evaluate your feet to see what size correction you need. Your foot structure determines this and also if you need arch supports. Depending on what style of shoes you prefer, the insoles are available in an Ultra-Thin version as well.

90 day money back guarantee for the cost of the Insoles purchased if not satisfied.
(Fitting fee not reimbursed)
Evaluation & Fitting for all Insoles $15

ProKinetics Replacement Insoles
Great for tennis shoes, walking/running shoes, boots, etc.
Men's & Women's - All Sizes $60

UltraThin Posture Control Insoles
Great for dress shoes, tennies, boots, heels, flats, etc.
Men's & Women's - All sizes $50
Youth $50

Solemate� Stick On MicroLifts - Not Covered by 90 Day Guarantee
Great for sandals, bare feet, flats, etc.
Men's & Women's - Both Sizes
3 - Pak $10
12 - Pak $32
50 - Pak $82

Arch Supports
All sizes $8/Pair
Glue $5

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